Bailleau Contest

Welcome in Bailleau for 2021 contests !

46th Bailleau International and 23rd "Amical" Gliding Contest

This year, the 44th edition of the Bailleau International Gliding Contest will be held from the 19th of July (first task) until the 28th of July (last task), writing another year of classic flat land sailplane racing..

Whether a seasoned veteran or an aspiring competition pilot, we hope that you will come to appreciate a club spirit geared towards flying but always caring of family & friends. Our contest brings a significant change compared to other traditional competitions, to meet the expectations of competitors, who want a contest suited to their desires.

Therefore, classes in Bailleau Contest are:

  • International / Speed Race, for those who prefer to fly the fastest, during the best period of the day, or those who prefer to land in time for the barbecue !
  • International / Long Flights is the class which most likely matches with a "usual" contest, where tasks are set  to maximize the distance, spanning the most part of the flying day...

If you're not sure which class to choose, you can contact us.

Just like every year since 24 years, the 23rd "Amical de Bailleau" (friendly contest) will take place during the same period. A very nice atmosphere, a contest dedicated for newcomer competitors, the Amical contest were set up by Bernard Launay from Groupe l'Air association, and it's still the best way to discover competition.

It's goal is to allow competitors to discover soaring competition without any stress, thanks to a specific management. It's the perfect springboard to the International Contest ! (in 2016, the good weather allowed a task up to 388 km for Amical competitors).

Here are the dates for these contests:

  • Welcome briefing: Sunday 18th of July 2021 at 7 PM
  • First Task: Monday 19th of July 2021
  • Final Task: Wednesday 28th of July 2021
  • Awarding Ceremony: Wednesday 28th of July 2021 at 9 PM

To conclude, we would like to remind you that another competition take place during these contest, which awards the fastest pilot of the contest, rewarded by Le Maon Trophy (former Chief Flying Instructor and creator of this contest). In 2019, Le Maon trophy was awarded to François Jeremiasse for his flight of 520 km in his EB 29r, at the average speed of 128,6 km/h. Le Maon trophy is put into play every year, and the first pilot who will win it three years in a row will earn the right to keep it...